The LIFE NANOHEALTH project aims to reduce occuptional exposure to process generated nanoparticles (PGNPs) from critical permanently releasing industrial processes by optimizing the performance of Risk Management Measures (RMMs) in indoor exposure scenarios.


  • The consortium of the project LIFE NANOHEALTH gathers in the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC-AICE) to check the advancements realised during the project

Castellón, 21/06/2022. The consortium of the project LIFE NANOHEALTH, coordinated and lead by ITC-AICE, have gathered in the premises of the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC-AICE) on the 21st of June, the main objective of the meeting was to perform a follow up on the advancement of the project and to share the different actions performed by the members of the consortium, attending this meeting was also the person designated by the EU as project monitor. The project monitor was able to check the advancements, if the was developing at a correct pace and also to plan for future actions.

LIFE NANOHEALTH, with reference LIFE 20 ENV/ES/000187, has the support and financing of the European Union LIFE Program, the main focus of the project resides in ensuring the occupational health of industrial workers who could be exposed to nanoparticles.

In the meeting have participated: IDAEA-CSIC, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UNIMAT Prevención y the companies Urban Air Purifier, Cerámica Saloni and Talleres Mecánicos Comas. Zabala Innovation, a consultancy firm leader in the Innovation Management with a main focus on the integral managing of grants and R&D projects, was also present.


LIFE NANOHEALTH is a project generated as we become aware that the concentration of nanoparticles, emitted from highly energetic industrial process, are in such quantity that it could be a health risk for the workers and everyone exposed to them. To evaluate this health risk, during these last months, several experimental campaigns have been performed in industrial plants with the objective of characterize chemically, physically, morphologically and toxicology. the nanoparticles emissions. The information gathered during these experimental campaigns will be relevant in the design and fabrication of the NANOHEALTH PURIFIER, an industrial air purifier, the information will also be used to develop the NANOHEALTH TOOL, a tool for management and control, this tool will be used to minimize the impact of the nanoparticles in the health of exposed personnel. Finally, during the project a new service will be created, NANOHEALTH SERVICE, this service will help industrial companies to control and minimize this emerging pollutant as well as provide training for all the personnel that could be exposed to it.


The LIFE NANOHEALTH project is identifying all the possible emitting sources and planning several experimental campaigns that will provide relevant information when evaluating occupational health risks The goal of the project is to discern concrete actions to reduce occupational health risks due to nanoparticles in an industrial environment. The LIFE NANOHEALTH project is also elaborating a webpage which will provide a continues stream of advancement and results generated by the project. The webpage will be online soon and we will inform of its availability in due time.

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El proyecto LIFE NANOHEALTH está financiado por el Programa LIFE de la Unión Europea con referencia LIFE20 ENV/ES/000187

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