The LIFE NANOHEALTH project aims to reduce occuptional exposure to process generated nanoparticles (PGNPs) from critical permanently releasing industrial processes by optimizing the performance of Risk Management Measures (RMMs) in indoor exposure scenarios.

LIFE NANOHEALTH benefits to those workers exposed to the PGNPs. The RMM selected will reduce the PGNPs workers exposure by at least 75%.

The adequacy of the Nano present reference values (NVR) for the PGNP will be tested in industry environments during actual operating conditions.

Moreover, it will also benefit to those industrial sectors with high energy processes offering solutions to minimise the PGNPs concentration within the industrial plants.



The evaluation of the occupational exposure to nanoparticles (NPs) in industrial working areas is a generalised challenge due to the wide variety of NPs sources. These sources are mainly related to the nanomaterials (NMPs) manipulation and synthesis and to the NPs creation in highly energetic processes (PGNPs).

Even though the first ones are intentionally designed and produced for specific purposes, the second ones are generated and unintentionally released to the ambient air of the working area during several processes of high energy such as fuel combustions, plasma cutting, soldering, grinding, baking, etc. These industrial processes can be defined as PGNPs permanent generators (They can generate up to several millions of particles/cm3) and can lead to chronic exposures if they are no identified as such, if they are omitted or if the control measures are not properly designed.


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Any communication or publication related to the project made by the beneficiaries, jointly or individually in any and using any means, reflects only the author's view and the European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.


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El proyecto LIFE NANOHEALTH está financiado por el Programa LIFE de la Unión Europea con referencia LIFE20 ENV/ES/000187

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